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    deliver knowledge.
    Knowledge made mobile

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Achieve True Knowledge Mobility

  • Hyper.Net®

    Deploy procedural documents as workforce-enabling knowledge

    Transform existing corporate policies, financial reporting guidelines, standard operating guidelines, safety manuals, and user guides into easy-to-find, task-optimized knowledge that's up to date and accessible online and offline in HTML5, PDF, Merged PDF, and ePub. Deploy to any HTML5 Web server platform and device.


  • Hyper.Net®

    Snapshot business processes for submission and archiving

    Centralize PDF/PDFA conversion, security, watermarking, dynamic metadata stamping, document compilation, and routing for every information management need. Supports complex pre-processing requirements and high-volume load management situations across SharePoint and every DMS, CMS, ERP, and email platform—out of the box.


  • Hyper.Net®

    Make knowledge flow effortlessly throughout the enterprise

    Automate knowledge preparation and delivery processes across the enterprise with Hyper.Net running as a service. Transform documents from any number of silos and authoring tools into centralized, standardized pools of multi-format knowledge. Optimize knowledge for rapid access and deliver it across organizations, platforms, applications, and devices in every required structure, language, and format—without integration.


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Why use Hyper.Net?

  • Enterprise-savvy

    Enables task-oriented knowledge to flow across platforms, technologies, devices, and business boundaries without changing the business process

  • Comprehensive

    Addresses every knowledge re-purposing and delivery requirement with a single, centrally managed service

  • Effortless

    Improves efficiency by making knowledge available without unscalable processes, time-consuming searches, and information overload

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  • "We think this is the perfect solution—the flow of information in a company simply cannot be organized more efficiently."
    Dirk Becker, IT Project Manager, Sparkasse Saarlouis

  • "With Hyper.Net running on SharePoint, our internal information flow has enormously improved."
    Thomas Wollenmann, Project Manager, Globus

  • "Hyper.Net converts, re-formats, and deploys our newsletter online—translated into several languages."
    Ulrich Kampffmeyer, General Manager, PROJECT CONSULT

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