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Achieve True Knowledge Mobility

  • Theum®
    Knowledge Book

    Deploy procedural documents as workforce-enabling knowledge

    Transform existing corporate policies, financial reporting guidelines, standard operating guidelines, safety manuals, and user guides into easy-to-find, task-optimized knowledge that's up to date and accessible online and offline in HTML5, PDF, Merged PDF, and ePub. Deploy to any Web server platform and mobile device.

    Part of the Theum® Knowledge Management System.

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  • Hyper.Net®

    Snapshot business processes for submission and archiving

    Centralize PDF/PDFA conversion, security, watermarking, dynamic metadata stamping, document compilation, and routing for every information management need. Supports complex pre-processing requirements and high-volume load management situations across SharePoint® and every DMS, CMS, ERP, and email platform—out of the box.

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Why use Hyper.Net?

  • Enterprise-savvy

    Enables task-oriented knowledge to flow across platforms, technologies, devices, and business boundaries without changing the business process

  • Comprehensive

    Addresses every knowledge re-purposing and delivery requirement with a single, centrally managed service

  • Effortless

    Improves efficiency by making knowledge available without unscalable processes, time-consuming searches, and information overload

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  • "We think this is the perfect solution—the flow of information in a company simply cannot be organized more efficiently."
    Dirk Becker, IT Project Manager, Sparkasse Saarlouis

  • "With Hyper.Net running on SharePoint, our internal information flow has enormously improved."
    Thomas Wollenmann, Project Manager, Globus

  • "Hyper.Net converts, re-formats, and deploys our newsletter online—translated into several languages."
    Ulrich Kampffmeyer, General Manager, PROJECT CONSULT

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