Why Hyper.Net?

Why use Hyper.Net?

Hyper.Net makes it possible to meet varying and complex document and knowledge requirements across the business with a single technology. In addition to its comprehensive document transformation and publishing features, Hyper.Net handles all the "little issues" around any solution you need to build, allowing you to avoid projects that dive into unexplored territory. And because it understands the idiosyncrasies of today's most commonly used information management platforms, it significantly reduces project time and risk.

Strategic benefits

  • Future-safe and "third-party safe". Hyper.Net embraces future Web formats and technologies for you—extending the life span and value of existing solutions.
  • Centralized. Hyper.Net lets you centrally configure content services for users and applications throughout the enterprise.
  • Infinitely scalable. Hyper.Net's intelligent load balancing and failover deliver reliable results—even in high-volume situations.
  • Graceful with content. Hyper.Net lets you integrate content between systems in your organization without having to fund expensive integration efforts, install client viewer technology or throw out established systems.
  • Completely automated. Solutions created with Hyper.Net completely eliminate manual effort.
  • 100% configurable. Create complete solutions without integrating or programming.