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  • Put your entire content process on auto-pilot

    Hyper.Net lets you make content authored in any format automatically flow within or between systems and applications in all required formats with the simplicity of Web Services and XML. Running as a centralized Web service, Hyper.Net removes all barriers, making it easy to completely automate the complex process of converting, re-purposing, and delivering multi-format content to every end-user in your organization.


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  • Turn a painful PDFA 'have to' into
    a pleasant, fast, and easy 'want to'

    Comprehensive features like automated and centralized PDFA conversion, watermarking, metadata stamping, document merging and compounding, load-balancing, failover, PDF security, and more team up to deliver an intuitive, graceful PDFA solution that works seamlessly with every computing platform in your organization—out of the box.


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  • Transform SharePoint into a
    full-featured eManual platform

    Semalessly embedded within SharePoint, Hyper.Net automatically converts SharePoint-managed policies, procedures, manuals, and other documentation into optimized, multi-format eManuals and deploys them to every application, server, PC and mobile device in your organization.


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Powerful, centralized content services
for the enterprise.


Master every content challenge—no more obstacles


Automatically transform and publish content into richly-linked HTML applications, PDFs, eBooks, Flash, and other formats for use in Web sites, corporate information systems, social networks, and other solutions at the same time. Make high-volume, PDFA compliance, archiving, and document compounding services available to every application in the organization. Make your content mobile. 


An intuitive, XML-based Web Service interface lets you convert, transform, re-purpose, deploy, and manage any content in any format, technology, application, and language without having to change the way you do business or make sacrifices.


Give users exactly what they want—no more compromises


A comprehensive set of content manipulation features not only gives you a concrete, full response for every conceivable content requirement, but also helps you completely automate any given content process.


Deliver content solutions with fast precision—no more delays


A full spectrum of built-in content solution logic allows you to create the solutions you need in record time through simple configuration. No project risk, no delays, no reinventing the wheel.


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New releases—comprehensive enterprise support.

Hyper.Net 6 Service Pack 5 and Hyper.Net as a Service 2.0 deliver:

  • improved and enhanced operation with enterprise-level IT processes
  • advanced failover and load balancing intelligence
  • new, automated error handling and convenient problem resolution
  • enhanced PDF and TIFF support

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Introducing the Hyper.Net PDF Compounder Client for Windows.

Make it easy for end-users to create compound PDFs (proposals, meeting documents, sales status reviews, progress reports, regulatory submissions, etc.) without having to understand anything about Hyper.Net or even be trained. Simply select any number of source files in any format from any file system, put them in the desired order and push a button. Hyper.Net as a Service creates the requested PDF—complete with a unified table of contents, sequential page numbering, watermarks, and stamped metadata—and returns it to the end-user in real time or delivers it upon completion via file system or email.



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Financial reporting documentation with SharePoint

Corporate Guideline Publishing for SharePoint


Hyper.Net CGP is a comprehensive, turnkey solution for large businesses that makes it easy to prepare, deliver, and update financial reporting and other regulatory content without human effort. Includes advanced features like change documents, PDF compounding, automatic variations for sector- and function-specific needs, and more.


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A new foundation for corporate governance


Siemens rolled out a Hyper.Net-based solution for authoring, managing, and deploying international accounting procedures during the spring of 2014. The solution completely automates the process of delivering the latest versions of all relevant guidelines to the responsible business units in user-optimized formats and provides a solid foundation for the implementation of corporate governance processes.


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